2017-18 FINvite

FINvite is an idea coming from our students, the main purpose of which is to connect students in our residential Duke Houses on West and Central campuses with faculty for activities and programs organized by the House Councils. Houses connecting with faculty via the FINvite program also will have access to funding and other resources to facilitate those activities.

  • FINvite events must be held in the greater Triangle region (e.g., Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh).
  • The number of students attending a performance event or meal in a restaurant is limited to 10 based on faculty and student feedback. We encourage House Officers to explore and consider the kinds of events that enable House residents to interact with Duke faculty.
  • Each Duke House is limited to one performance event per semester (e.g., DPAC, concert, athletic contest).

Remember that all FINvite events are subject to available funds. Once the amount available has been committed, we will not be able to approve funding for FINvite events for the balance of the academic year.

Shibboleth Login to FINvite

Suggestions for kicking off your event and "icebreaker" questions for your FINvite faculty and students can be found here. If you attempt to log into FINvite and are unable to do so, send an email to DUE@duke.edu with your name, your House name, your role for the House and your netID.  Only House Officers and FINvite faculty are able to log into FINvite.  If you have questions or if you want to suggest adding a faculty member (or more) to the FINvite site, please send an email to DUE@Duke.edu. The current list of FINvite faculty is available here.

STINvite Information

Some of our FINvite faculty have suggested events they're interested in holding with students in a Duke House.  Thus, we're calling this STINvite (Student Invitation). A list of STINvite events from the 2016-17 year is posted here (updated 10/21/16) and most of the events listed are possibilities for the current academic year.  We will update this list for the 2017-18 year and will post the updated list once it's available. If your House would like to "claim" one of these STINvite events, just log into FINvite and enter the information from the STINvite list and send a FINvitation to the faculty member who suggested the event.  At that point, follow the same process as for FINvite!  We will update the STINvite list as additional events are suggested by our FINvite faculty!  What could be easier than planning an event a faculty member has already suggested?!?!